btwb increases member retention and engagement.

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Build custom workouts or select from btwb's exhaustive list.
Create separate tracks for different groups of members.
Utilize analysis tools to ensure your programming stays balanced across modalities, durations, loads, etc.
Coaches Notes
Add special notes to programmed workouts only coaches can see.
Athlete Notes & Videos
Provide more context for workouts by attaching notes and videos to programmed items. Members can access both from inside the btwb app.
Personal Training
Program for 1-on-1 clients by adding workouts to their personal tracks.
VNR Performance
Tangible Results
Results lead to retention. Your job is to get them great results, our job is to make sure they see them. btwb offers in-depth analysis to help your members every step of their fitness journey.
Your members can use Training Days to track workout consistency from a bird's eye view. Our default view gives them a look at their entire year so they can see training habits and monitor consistency over weeks, months, and years.
The Maxes feature compiles All-Time and Current maxes (bests) for various gymnastics movements, lifts, and running & rowing intervals. The screen provides easy access to performances your members will likely want to reference on a semi-regular basis.
Imbalances is a featured designed to identify potential member imbalances in specific workout/movement categories. Imbalances are automatically updated based on member logged results, and could provide valuable insights into Strength, Mobility, and Technique issues holding an athlete back.  
Fitness Level
For members looking to take their fitness to the next level, Fitness Level provides a rating from 1 to 100 that provides a non-biased view of their capabilities. Get members to unlock each category to reveal their overall level in order to monitor progress over time.
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Macronutrient Tracker
All the premium features of other macro tracking platforms combined with our best-in-class workout tracking.
Set Macro Targets
Set custom macro targets for individuals members and nutrition clients.
Monitor Progress
View members' daily logged meals and the protein, carb, fat breakdown of each.
Food Database
Log meals from over 550k grocery items, 140k restaurant items, and 25k common foods.
Barcode Scanner
Use barcode scanning, search, or build your own custom meals.
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Use your private gym squad to interact with members via message posts, or create custom squads for private groups like coaches, competitors, and more.
Comments & Emojis
Did you say emojis? We've got 10 of them waiting to be unlocked so that your members can start showing some virtual love! All comments and emojis come with mobile push notifications so members can interact with each other in real time.
Activity Feeds
Keep your ear to the ground with your special gym Activity Feed. Easily view gym members' logged result across all programmed workouts, and use in-line emojis and comments to provide feedback.
Celebrate With Badges
btwb's badging system gives your members plenty of opportunities to celebrate important fitness milestones while on their fitness journeys. Badges can be earned for popular workouts, gymnastics maxes, lifts, and running & rowing intervals. Newly earned badges are included in Activity Feeds to show off to the rest of the gym.
Message & Follow
Build community and keep members connected away from the gym via Direct Messaging. Gym members can maintain both 1-on-1 conversations and group chats. They can even Follow their closest friends and coaches to add them to a custom Activity Feed list.
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Wireless Display
Cast a WODscreen wirelessly from the btwb app via a Google Chromecast device. No messy wires! WODscreen is included in all btwb gym subscriptions.
5 Different Screens
Select from 5 different screen options from showcasing your gym's WODs to displaying newly set personal records. You can even replace your whiteboard with a virtual leaderboard.
Choose from a variety of customization options ranging from color selection to number of WODs to display. You can also adjust text size and include preset demo GIFs to help with movement instruction.
Launch In-App
Launch WODscreen in less than a minute directly from the btwb mobile app. Chromecast devices are available for as low as $29.99. You can also connect a computer to a tv screen and launch via
VNR Performance
PR Board & Committed Club
Use your gym Admin Console to view PRs by month, plus a Committed Club list that identifies members with 12 or more logged workout days each month of the calendar year.
Mindbody Integration
Sync your btwb gym to Mindbody, an industry-leading fitness management software that helps you deliver powerful member experiences, handles your daily tasks, and grows your gym or studio. The sync will auto-add and auto-remove members to and from your btwb gym based on Mindbody account status.
Additional Revenue
Fitness Communities is a new service that allows you to generate additional income for your business while simultaneously fostering a stronger community. Earn extra revenue when gym members participate in unique services like Challenges and Earned Store. A portion of each member sign up puts money directly into your pocket. Connect a Stripe Express account to get started.

New or OG. Big or Small. Outsourced or In-house Programming. btwb can help your members track their fitness journeys.

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