CrossFit Is Our Passion

Since 2007 we have built technology for a community we respect, admire and love.

Beyond The Whiteboard started off with a conversation between two best friends, Moe Naqvi and Jon Kinnick. A few months prior to the conversation, Jon decided to start a garage gym that he hoped he could grow to a large CrossFit affiliate. Jon's brother, Jeremy, volunteered his garage, starting his own journey towards becoming one of the best CrossFitters in the world. Jake, another best friend, also caught the CrossFit passion, and decided to start training and coaching while he was finishing up his last year in college. Around the same time, perhaps a year prior, Moe had started a web development company with another best friend (Do you see a pattern?), Corey Tripp, after years of frustration working for "the man". Corey and Moe had one rule: We can only work on projects we believe in.

One night after a workout Jon and Moe started to discuss how it was difficult to keep track of all the gym members' workout results. Soon enough Jon, Moe and Corey(Who was CrossFitting by that time) talked about how a website might benefit their gym. The idea was simple, we wanted to go beyond the whiteboard. We wanted to make a website that could organize, analyze and grow our affiliate. The team was set and magic happened. Between being a professor of economics and a CrossFit trainer, Jon would meet up with Moe and Corey and work on the site. A side project turned into a full time passion project. Moe and Corey decided to bring on Jake full time to help. We launched the site for our affiliate and it solved our problems. Soon after, Jon decided to take the plunge and opened an official box.

After CrossFit Kinnick was up and running, we thought other affiliates might be able to benefit from Beyond The Whiteboard like our affiliate did. We launched our beta site early 2009. In early 2011 we passed the millionth post mark. Our affiliate, CrossFit Kinnick, is doing great with a 5000 square foot box. We appreciate all the support we have been getting from CrossFitters around the world, and are truly humbled by the experience. We love CrossFit and its amazing community, and hope we can continue to impress everyone.